Solitude Amidst the Chaos

In light of recent events, or the mystery of said events rather, I’ve been fumbling for the right words to share. It’s no secret that the (talk of the) coronavirus has infiltrated our every connection with the outside world. Schools, churches, restaurants, shops, and events all shut down or cancelled until further notice. The thought of surviving indefinitely without such accommodations has caused mass panic and hysteria, greater than even that of the virus itself. Many people’s day to day lives have been interrupted. Families are now involuntarily having to stay home, homeschool their children, strategically plan meals, cook, and keep themselves as well as their homes clean and healthy. But if you’re at all like me and these activities are your family’s day to day norm, you know it’s not all that bad and it’s all going to be okay.

There are two sides to every argument, not that arguing is what we should presently be doing by any means, but I empathize with both. The stay at home, homeschooling, homesteading, homemaking families (or “Homies” as I like to call ’em) are fully prepared and hardly budged by the chaos of public events. We’ve been planning, preparing and establishing a home that is safe and self sufficient, providing all of the education, food and entertainment that we could need. We don’t constantly live in fear of pandemics, we simply enjoy the peace of provision no matter what the news has to offer. Every family should be so lucky to enjoy their time with one another, have a home that makes them feel safe and have the ability and know how to grow food and prepare and store it correctly. If this doesn’t sound like your home currently, maybe this whole situation has been a wake up call for you and your family to start taking small steps in the direction of a less public dependent lifestyle.

I have seen the community of Homies both chastise and welcome those who lead different lifestyles normally. This is not the time for, “I’m right, you’re wrong” or “I told ya so”. Not everyone has the ability to stay home and fully prepare for times such as these. Sure, this event may open a few eyes and spark a few thoughts, but condemning others for not living the same life that works for you and your family sounds a lot like bad religion. I am so thankful for the individuals who have opened their arms (metaphorically, lol) and offered advice to those who are seeking aid as they try to figure out how to go about being homebound.

For those of you who are finding yourselves in a bind, worried about where your groceries will come from, stressed about your children being home all day, concerned about being out of work, had plans or vacations that are now cancelled until further notice… I truly pray that all will be resolved and restored on you and your family’s behalf. This is not a fair situation for anyone. Nobody asked for this and nobody should be forced to endure it alone without the means available to do so. I pray you and your family will navigate successfully through this bizarre debacle.

Whatever you do, don’t allow the fear of the “what if” steal your joy! I have to admit, going into a grocery store seeing the shelves completely wiped out and gas stations out of gas. along with the constant push of Facebook updates and news articles, started to raise a panic inside of me. It was quickly diminished when I reminded myself of Who my provider is… and He’s never let me down before! I have since decided to stop looking at my Facebook feed, only logging on to share happiness and positivity and to check direct notifications. It doesn’t matter what the world has to say about the circumstances (and you and I both know they have plenty to say), God hasn’t left the throne.

Do what you need to do to prepare and precaution your family, however that looks to you. Most importantly, don’t criticize others for how they believe or fear, that is a personal choice that doesn’t need your input. If someone asks for your opinion, then enlighten them and offer your help wherever you can. Don’t share posts without fact checking them first. Pray for each other. Be the light that the world needs to see, not only now but for always!

If there is anything that you could use some guidance with as far as becoming a Homie, whether it be temporarily or indefinitely, please reach out and I will offer my best!

In the mean time, I do plan to share glimpses into our Homemade Haven a little more frequently, as a means of inspiration and support. It is our busy season here, gearing up for spring and summer, we are elbows deep in garden soil and backyard projects. Our chickens are laying eggs more rapidly. Our baby chicks have grown enough to join the coop with the others, so that entails more chicken chores. One of my goals for the year was to become more self sufficient with our home goods, so we have a pile of sewing projects, soap making and kitchen creations on the near horizon. We’re starting to gear up for the end of one grade and the beginning of the next in school. The spring offers so many fun activities, budding with new life and excitement. I will do my very best to capture our day to day and hopefully inspire you towards a more homegrown way of life too.

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.”

Mother Theresa

I asked Raygan to help me come up with a list of ideas that your kiddos may enjoy (with little technology) during this new found free time.

So that is what we’ll share today. Enjoy!

How have you and your household prepared for the next few weeks of being homebound? Are you totally out of your element or is this nothing too far from your ordinary? Are there any particulars that you’d like to see featured in my future posts? Please comment below and share with others who you think would find this article helpful.

One final piece to meditate on… slow down, find the joy in every moment, this too shall pass.

Blessings friends!

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