Our Week Ahead 9/2-9/8

Hey friends! I hope the last two weeks have treated you well. We have been busy around the Lane household, but then again, when is it not?! We’ve just finished up our fifth week of school. Crazy, right? Time flies when you’re having fun, and we have been having a lot of fun!

In school we’ve been studying up on ancient Egypt in history, poetry and creative writing in grammar, the beginning stages of geometry in math, water colors in art, and over the last two weeks in nature studies, we’ve learned about bats and hummingbirds. In our curriculum, there are several times a week that call for memorization work. Raygan has been working on memorizing pieces of poetry, historical documents, geographical locations, grammar terms, U.S. presidents, states and their capitals.

By the way, did you happen to catch Raygan’s first blog post? She’s so excited to be featured from time to time here on The Homemade Haven. Keep an eye out for future posts.. spoiler alert: she’s working on one tasty article that will be published very soon!

As you may have seen in my post Homeschool Room Makeover, we’ve updated our classroom space with more functional furniture and fun decor. It has made our school day so much more efficient with all of our items being organized and easily accessible. Thankfully, we’ve had a slight break in the weather bringing cooler mornings, which we have thoroughly enjoyed with a cup of coffee in hand and a few school subjects completed on the porch while watching our backyard flock frolic around and catch the early morning buggies emerging from their night time hide outs.

Speaking of weather, if you stay current on social media, the news, weather apps or any other means of connecting with the outside world, you know that there is a hurricane that has been wreaking havoc in the eastern Caribbean. From reports and predictions, the storm is said to travel up the coast of Florida all the way up to us here in North Carolina. Any time forecasts like these arise, we begin to pray and speak against any such outcome. We feel confident that we are safe and protected right where we are. Because we also like to be diligent in our actions just as much as our words, we’ve stocked our cabinets with a few non perishables, batteries and propane, and plan to put all of our outdoor furniture in our garage, if needed.

We have 1 less baby chick on hand to worry about should a storm blow through.. but don’t worry, we replaced him with a couple thousand honey bees! As the weeks have rolled by, our 3 new baby chicks have still yet to work their way into the older chickens gang. If you know anything about chickens and their pecking order, adding new members into the mix can be a tough hurdle to cross. I’ll do a write up on chicken’s pecking order and the bizarre social rules that they naturally put into place, it’s really quite interesting. As for our 3 little new ones, I could tell right away that one of them was another rooster. His early aggression towards me made it clear that he was the leader of the babies, and if I want the littles to join in with the bigs, I’d have to find him a new home. I’m hoping that now that he’s gone, our remaining 2 biddies will seek shelter and protection from our older rooster(s), and that they will be accepted.. in a gentle manner.

As for the bees, we sort of inherited an existing hive. My mom and step dad have been tossing around the idea of selling their current home and building elsewhere. Since we have the land and don’t plan on moving any time soon (I hope!), their bee boxes were relocated here to our little homestead. I’m so excited for the benefits that they’ll bring our gardens as time goes on and also to be able to observe them up close and personal. Honey bees are fascinating creatures and I look forward to sharing our experiences with them here!

Beginning this week, we’ll start our out-of-the-house extracurriculars. We will restart after- school piano lessons (so long as the weather behaves), and next week we will reengage with one of our homeschool groups and start some brand new classes at some friends of ours’ Montessori co-op. Soon after we readjust to adding all of these things into our normal schedule, we will also be embarking on a new journey with our local 4-h organization. Raygan will get to partake in sewing and S.T.E.M. classes through the school year. We are hoping that having such a busy weekly schedule won’t be overwhelming, because we are super excited about all of it, but if time proves that we need to readjust.. then readjust we will!

This week’s menu and chore chart reflects a few days/nights that we won’t be home due to appointments, birthday parties, and other activities.

Here’s this week’s dinner menu:

  • Monday- Out to eat
  • Tuesday- Crockpot Roast, carrots & potatoes
  • Wednesday- Roasted Whole chicken & veggies
  • Thursday- Out to eat
  • Friday- 7 layer dip with chips
  • Saturday- Chicken piccata with zoodles
  • Sunday- Leftovers

And this week’s proposed chore chart.. which of course may shift if any weather interrupts:

  • Monday- Take the day off (and do dishes, lol)
  • Tuesday- Laundry, Living area floors
  • Wednesday- Dishes, Yard/porch prep & clean up, clean out coop
  • Thursday- Laundry, Scrub bathrooms, clean out fridge
  • Friday- Dust, Floors & dishes

This is somewhat of an off week for us, starting with a holiday Monday that we didn’t do school on, and the plethora of oddities in our schedule, plus the uncertainty of a hurricane.. every day’s plans are subject to change. Isn’t that how life goes?!

I hope you and your family have an awesome week! If you are in the projected path of the hurricane, know that we are praying for your safety and well being. Do you have any exciting plans that you’re looking forward to? Any good meals on your menu that you’d be so kind to share? Are there are any dinners on our menu that you’d like to have the recipe for? Let me know in the comments below! Blessings!

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