About Me: Raygan Lane

 Hello! My name is Raygan Lane. Im sure you’ve heard of me (with my mom’s blog The Homemade Haven and all!) Speaking of Haven (well, Hayven as I’ll tell  you in a sec) I have a dog named Haven. Well was named Haven. See, since my name is spelt RAYGAN  instead of RAEGAN like most people spell it (even the computer, every time I type my name the right way RAYGAN it marks it wrong!) it only made sense to change it to Hayven.

But I also have a cat (who hates me) Belle/Rebellion/My Little Angel and a fish Lucy she’s a beta and 8 chickens Clover, Birch, Fern, Sunflower, Ivy, Dandelion, and our newest additions Willow, And Maple. We had two others Lilly and Blossom but Lilly died the first night and we had to get rid of Blossom cause we found out she was a little roo.

But anyways here are some of my favorite things,

  • Star Wars
  • Piano
  • Animals 
  • Cooking
  • TV
  • I Love Lucy
  • Jurassic Park
  • Dinosaurs
  • Vets
  • Baby Sitters Club
  • Alladin 
  • Secretly Singing With My Alexa
  • Making Chicken Memes
  • Avengers
  • Mystery Books
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Nature
  • Board Games
  • Food (especially Burgers, Sushi, Turkey Sandwiches, VEGGIE PASTA, COPY CAT ZUPPA TOSCANA, Rays famous Tomato Sandwich, and Pepperoni Pineapple Pizza)
  • Homeschool

BTW I’m homeschooled by my mother. Honestly I think homeschooling is one of the best kinds of school because 1. its super hands on 2. the student has the control mostly and 3. I put too many numbers.

My father is a real estate agent. He is one of the most committing, hard working, and might I add smart men I know.

My mother is incredible. Once she sets her mind to it she can do anything. She is amazing. I love them both so much!

My BFF is Karmen. She used to live in NC (where I currently live) but then she had to move. But now she is going to move closer!

Well I hope you liked my first blog post! Be sure to check in on my section of the blog for more posts. Well I guess I better make like a tree…and leaf!

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  1. Gigi says:

    Way to go Raygan! It’s wonderful to see you taking the reins of your life this early in your life and going after and sharing what makes you happy! L👀k forward to hearing more of how you’re making the most of life where you are!! 🌈 Love you from your other greatest fan!!

  2. Linda Gibson says:

    Your name is spelled differently because you ARE different in all the right ways. Your heart speaks to all who have the privilege of knowing a you. I love to see your relationship with all things God has blessed us with. Please continue to share your beautiful happiness with us.

    1. Thank you and I will!

  3. Nancy Last says:

    Great job Raygan! I love to read mystery books, cuddle animals and watch I Love Lucy also! Looking forward to reading more of your blog😎

    1. Yes, thats my kinda life #ILOVELUCY!

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