Our Week Ahead 8/19-8/23

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Hey Friends! Here we are again, another week has gone by! I hate that I missed a whole week of posts with y’all due to a nasty migraine. I’m due for a new prescription when it comes to my glasses, the pressure in our area has been funky lately, and I’ve been void of caffeine recently (God Bless).. basically it’s been a cocktail that has required a few days of rest on my behalf. Thankfully, I’m on the up and up and have so much to share with y’all.

Since my last weekly update, our household has grown by 3 peeps! I’m a sucker for cute little critters, especially when they’re conveniently located in the parking lot of Tractor Supply (where I went to buy seeds for the garden), in a crowded bin shouting, “Hey! Look how cute we are! Take us home!”. I thought I did pretty well to restrain myself to only 3 chicks, that I’m like 99% sure are female (egg layers). Their names are: Blossom, Maple and Willow, nature inspired names to fit in with our other guys and gals. The husband, however, was not amused by my impulse poultry purchase, but sometimes it’s better to just buy now and ask for forgiveness later, am I right??

The original intent of the Tractor Supply run (ok, I may have had an inkling that there were some baby chicks there), was to purchase some seeds to plant a few things for this fall/winter. Our summer garden has came to an abrupt halt with the excessive heat and lack of rain. My poor cucumbers got overtaken by worms. Our beans had started drying up. It was time to let go and replace a few things. We planted some dinosaur kale, mustard greens, some micro greens and winter squashes. They’re all sprouted and looking happy thanks to an increase of rain this past week. Hallelujah! We’ve had enough rain that my rain barrel I got for Mother’s Day is finally full.. and overflowing!!

This past week has marked our third week of school in the books for this year. We’ve been enjoying the structured days and activities that have replaced the electronic binge of the summer. Our curriculum choices have not disappointed so far. I’m excited to share and review our subjects with y’all in the future! If you’re in need of an informational yet appropriate health/ sex ed course, read my recommendation here.

This year for nature studies, I’ve allowed Raygan to help take the reigns and choose topics according to her interests, rather than a set program. Over the past two weeks, we’ve studied seeds and all of the parts and processes that are unique to them. I’ll be sharing our unit study that we pieced together in case your family is interested in doing the same. This upcoming week, we’ll be studying bats! We are super excited to learn all about those little flying cuties.

We’ve also been in the process of reorganizing and renovating our school room. I have been contemplating this project for a while, as our work space has been a collection of mismatched items that haven’t had a place elsewhere in the house. We’ve used our first kitchen table (which is about 13 years old) as our computer desk, which is great as it’s made of solid wood and super sturdy, but it sits a little too high to be ergonomically correct while doing much of anything on the computer. My back and shoulders have been tattle telling that it was time for something a bit more accommodating. The room has also been a catch-all for files, electronics, books, pet beds.. you name it! And in the off chance that we have company come into town to visit, it’s been our make shift guest room. Hello, air mattress! I’m sure we all have a room that is relatable to this one.

I finally made up my mind to devote this room entirely to our homeschool headquarters (and office). I emptied old closet belongings, cleared out unnecessary clutter, and even bought a few new dedicated work space items. I’m so excited to share our before and after pics with y’all when it’s finally complete!

So onto Our Week Ahead! This upcoming week will be a relatively easy one. And when I say easy, I mean we don’t have much that has to be done in town or outside of the house, other than library and grocery pick ups. I’m hoping to capture a few pictures of Raygan to document her 4th grade year at some point this week.. but other than that, it’ll be a regular ol’ school/chore week.

Here’s a glimpse of our menu:

  • Monday: Veggie Tacos
  • Tuesday: Chicken lettuce cups & clear veggie broth soup
  • Wednesday: Salmon & roasted beet salad
  • Thursday: Butternut squash soup & grilled cheese sandwiches
  • Friday: Roasted chicken and root veggies with salad
  • Saturday: Chili & cornbread
  • Sunday: Leftovers or Out to eat

After taking a short sabbatical with that nauseating headache last week/end, I got a bit behind on housework. Thankfully, I’ve caught up for the most part.. but this week’s chore list will reflect a few items that are in DIRE need of attention. I still don’t understand why they haven’t invented self cleaning showers yet. If you’re working on one, holla at your girl!


  • Monday: Dishes, Laundry, Blow off porches (if dry enough)
  • Tuesday: Scrub bathrooms, Floors in living areas, Pics of Ray
  • Wednesday: Wipe down kitchen, Dishes, Clean out chicken coops
  • Thursday: Clean out fridge, Laundry, Plan School
  • Friday: Dust, Baseboards, Floors, Wipe windows and spot clean doors/walls

How about you? How does your week ahead look? Busy, slow or neutral? Is there a meal that you’d love to have the recipe for? Please post in the comments below and share this article with those you think would be inspired by it. Have a great week, friends!!

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    So what time one Thursday?? I love butternut squash soup! Lol

    1. Lol!!! Around 6ish! Come on over 😉

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