Our Week Ahead 8/5-8/11

Wow.. It’s August, folks! Can you believe how quickly this year is flying by? I’ve always heard that the older you get, the quicker the time goes. I’ve also always heard that time flies when you’re having fun.. I like the sound of that one better! August is here, which means the summer is coming to a close. Days will start to be a bit shorter and the weather will (please, God) start to cool off as it welcomes the fall. Schools will start up again soon, if they haven’t already. We started school back this past week.

We were planning to start on Thursday, August 1st. in hopes of keeping our school year calendar perfectly even. (Nerd alert!) But being that the 1st. landed on a Thursday, I couldn’t see us spending 3 days at home without anything planned, anticipating classes to start, so we started on Monday instead. (Thankfully) Raygan loves school. She was bummed when last school year came to a close, only relenting because she knew she’d be able to indulge in more screen time during a summer break. When she wasn’t attending summer camp with our Montessori school friends, she binge watched all 5 seasons of I Love Lucy… multiple times. Heck, I love Lucy too.. but it was time for school to begin.

We had a successful school week and we got (mostly) everything done on our to-do lists and dinner menu. There was a night or two that we settled for left overs or a bowl of cereal to avoid having to cook and clean the kitchen (Moms feel me on this one). So you’ll notice a repeat on this week’s meal plan.

Just like last week, please comment and let me know which meal you’d like to have the recipe for and I’ll be happy to share it!

This week’s proposed meal plan:

  • Monday: Zuppa Toscana
  • Tuesday: Shrimp fried cauli-rice, hibachi veggies & yum yum sauce
  • Wednesday: 7 layer taco dip & corn chips
  • Thursday: Baked Chicken with okra & tomatoes, roasted asparagus & sweet potatoes
  • Friday: Cowboy Caviar quinoa salad
  • Saturday: Out
  • Sunday: Leftovers

Breakfast choices include cereal with fruit, eggs with leftover veggies & sweet potatoes and my homemade protein shake (which I hope to share with y’all, once I perfect the recipe!). Lunches will be mostly leftovers and a Cucumber Dill Chickpea salad that I want to try. I’ll let y’all know how it is!

This week’s Farmer’s Market haul.

On top of my regular chores this week, I have a couple of extras that I want to get done outside, which probably means I will be getting up a little earlier (sarcastic yippee!) and we’ll probably start our school day a little bit later… in efforts to beat the heat. No worries though! That’s the beauty of homeschooling right?!

This week’s to-do list:

  • Monday: Clean up garden boxes, clean out chicken coop & run, blow off back porch, move a few items to the shed, 2 loads of laundry
  • Tuesday: Dishes, wipe down kitchen, vacuum living areas
  • Wednesday: Wash bedding & organize school room
  • Thursday: Dishes, Scrub bathrooms & floors, clean out fridge
  • Friday: Dust & vacuum whole house, wipe windows, any remaining laundry

Whew! I need a nap already just thinking about it!

As far as our school week goes, we have much to look forward to. We’re loving our curriculum choices (which I hope to share with y’all at a later date). Raygan has chosen to study seeds this week for her nature study. We’ll be researching a seed/plant’s life cycle, dissecting a sprouted seed, noticing the different appearances of seeds and how they travel, as well as read all kinds of cool books. This year I’ve chosen to let Ray lead our nature studies, picking topics that pique her interest while we’re outdoors exploring. Her choice to study seeds has me all excited and glued to Pinterest, pinning all kinds of cool projects. What did we ever do before the internet??


I look forward to sharing this week’s successes and lessons with you all. What do you and your family have planned for this week? Is your schedule still on summer break or have you kicked it into high gear? Anything exciting or quite the contrary on the horizon? Please share! I pray for a productive and restorative week for you and yours! Blessings!

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

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